About us

Why Inside the D Coaching

At Inside the D Coaching we are dedicated to helping athletes and coaches reach peak performance in thier Sport. We work with Athletes and Coaches at Beginner, Immediate and Elite levels across all sports specialising in helping them to:

Improve focus

Remove fear of failure

Cope under pressure

Improve consistency

Cope with nervousness

Learn to let go of mistakes

Increase confidence

We also work with clubs and teams in helping them improve and establish a high performance team culture.

The Founder

Our founder Peter Tait is a passionate sport coach, mentor and a father of 2 daughters who has an extensive background in playing and coaching sport spanning over 35 years across all levels from club, representative and state level from juniors through to seniors.

As a young athlete, Peter grew up playing representative Basketball, Cricket and Hockey representing his state in hockey at a both junior and senior level before moving into coaching and mentoring and winning numerous premierships at the top level of hockey in Sydney and NSW and coaching NSW U21 men’s team at Australian National Championships.

As a Certified Mental Toughness coach, Peter uses his own experiences and knowledge as a player and a coach as well as the same formula for success that top professional athletes use to teach athletes how to overcome nervousness, stress, fear and pressure so that they can consistently reach peak performance in competition.


We all have the ability to perform at our highest potential at any given time, minus the Interference. 90% of athletic performance is mental and as a parent himself with a young upcoming athlete, Peter understands the challenges faced by young athletes and their parents and the importance of developing both a high performance mindset and resilience.

Peter’s goal as a coach is to provide athletes with the necessary skills and tools to help them reach their full potential, not only in sport but in all aspects of their life.

To find out how we can assist you at Inside the D Coaching please contact

Peter on 0426 293 579 or at peter@insidethedcoaching.com.au
or send us a message through our Contact Us Page.