Clubs and Teams

A club or sporting team is only as successful as the culture that they promote. Establishing a good club and team culture is the essential element of club and team success.

We can work with clubs and teams to help them build a good culture that can be applied across of areas of the club or within a team.

All successful sporting teams and clubs have one thing in common and that is that they value and promote good team culture and continually work on building and improving their culture.

Building a good culture is not always easy and sometimes clubs and teams need an independent person to assist them with establishing their culture and continuing to build it.

Our director Peter Tait is a culture expert and provides himself on establishing good team cultures within the successful sporting teams he has coached. He understands the challenges of team culture from the perspective of both a coach and player and is passionate about building and maintaining great team cultures, developing young athletes and helping aspiring coaches.

At Inside the D Coaching, we can work with clubs and teams
on building their culture. We can offer:

Club or Team Culture Sessions to guide the club or team in building a good culture and develop club and team leaders.

Individual Coaching/Mentoring Sessions working with club committee members or team coaches to help build a successful club or team culture and develop leaders.