School Sports Programs

Juggling the demands of competitive sport and school can prove challenging to young athletes and can impact the athlete’s performance at both school and sport.

The key is to help the athlete to develop strategies to help manage both sport and school expectations and help them build mental skills to improve concentration and consistency levels and become more focused so that the athlete feels less overwhelmed at sport and school.

We can also work with the school sport coaches on building their coaching skills, helping them understand their athletes and how to build a great team culture.

Our director Peter Tait is a culture expert and experienced team coach and prides himself on establishing good team cultures within the successful sporting teams he has coached. He understands the challenges of team culture from the perspective of both a coach and player and is passionate about building and maintaining great team cultures, developing young athletes and helping aspiring coaches.

At Inside the D Coaching, we can work with schools on developing
their young athletes and team coaches. We can offer:

Individual or Group Coaching/Mentoring Sessions for young athletes using the RACE Formula which teaches them the skills of Intention, Self- Empowerment, Thought Control, Emotional Mastery, Self Hypnosis and how to increase their Self Confidence.

For further information on the RACE Formula visit the Individual Athlete Page.

Individual or Group Coaching/Mentoring Sessions for team coaches to help develop their coaching skills, build a successful team culture, and understand their athletes better.