Individual Athletes

At Inside the D Coaching, we work with athletes using the signature 4 session RACE Formula program which has been used worldwide to help thousands of athletes to improve their peak performance by:

Helping to clear mental blocks

Removing fear and anxiety

Reducing procrastination

Increasing self esteem

Discovering and removing any interference that may be
preventing athletes from achieving their goals

Empowering the athlete and
building their mental toughness

Providing competitive edge
over the competition

During the 4 sessions, athletes learn the skills of Intention, Self-Empowerment, Thought Control, Emotional Mastery, Self Hypnosis and how to increase their Self Confidence. These skills help develop mental toughness which then leads the athlete to the gateway of their own sporting potential.


Overview of the RACE Formula Package


This session looks at an athlete’s personal detailed history to identify specific areas so that we can tailor the process to the athlete’s issues and goals. Athletes will learn the basics of the R (Relentless) and A (Awareness) of the formula as we formulate a mental training plan.


This session focuses on the 1-minute visualisation or mental practice protocol which includes setting super efficient goals. Once we have the long-term goal embedded in your inner mind, the body takes over and makes it happen. We teach athletes a powerful process to help you clear your past mistakes, poor performance, errors, regrets and to use as a tool in competition itself. This contributes to being fearless, Relentless (R ) and Clears (C ) the destructive beliefs and programs at the level of the inner mind.


This session is all about becoming fearless and mastering your emotions (E). Difficult emotions are a natural part of sport and life which very few people are equipped to deal with and therefore fear them. This is a core life skill that transfers from performance to all areas of your life. Our session will finish with our powerful confidence-building methods.


In this final session we focus on the C- Clearing which happens through our internal conflict resolution intervention. When one part of an athlete believes they can accomplish a goal and another part sabotages or holds back on that effort, you need to synchronise to your desired outcome. To finish up the session we look at techniques to activate your peak performance state before of during competition… at demand when you need it.

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