100 and not out: A young Cricketers Quest.

Back in December last year, I received a call from a mother Sarah* who was looking for someone to work with her 15 year old son Joel* to improve his performance and mental game. Like so many parents, Sarah just wanted the best for him. With 2 daughters of my own who play sport I also want the best for them and can understand the reason for seeking outside assistance.

As parents we don’t want to see our child unhappy and not enjoying their sport particularly when they have put some much time and effort into  their training and in games.

Joel’s story is that he is a talented young cricketer who is playing at representative level but was experiencing some issues with the mental side of his game which Sarah was hoping that I could help with such as:

– A change to his mental mindset.

– His unhealthy attachment / focus / obsession with getting out.

– Not being himself when playing and not happy with his game.

These are all typical patterns that I see regularly in so many young athletes.

You see this Joel like so many players isn’t broken but rather lost focus on why he plays to begin with. In fact, this is a good thing as Joel and Sarah have awareness that there is a problem and it needs some adjustments – taking action is key.

Using Zoom, we met for the first time and we got stuck into work.

From our first session Joel told me that he wanted to

– Have a solid plan when going out to play

– To eliminate nerves when batting as he recognised that this was effecting his performance (This is common in so many athletes)

In session #1 we uncovered the real reason why he plays cricket. We put together a long list on why he loves his cricket and we reinforced that the #1 reason why he plays is because he loves it!

If you love your sport, and this is the #1 reason why you play then as an athlete outcomes that can be achieved are:

– Enjoying the game more

– Better and clearer focus, especially when the pressure is on!

– Training with more focus

– Focus on the skill execution

– Performance improves

The key with the work we do with athletes that is different, is getting the changes into the body. You can be aware of loving your sport, but to get change we need to in our body. If you don’t get it into your body then its only a surface level change – and you won’t improve longer term.

So fast forward after our 4 RACE formula sessions working together. Joel has now got his outcomes and on track to continue on his sporting pathway. so much more.

– He isn’t nervous

– He has a game plan

– Feels confident

– Loving playing again

– Feels happier and more relaxed

– Performing to his athletic potential – if you call scoring 100 runs off 70 balls, and 2 x 50’s in a row!

Joel is just one of many athletes that I have helped find the love of their sport again and who are performing better and with more confidence.

If you have a son or daughter that is experiencing similar issues when they go out to train or play then the we can help them.

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*Names have been changed to protect privacy.